Robert Fripp
Discipline Global Mobile (DGM) - King Crimson

Discipline Global Mobile

DGM is a small, mobile, independent music company that aspires to Intelligence.

Founded by RF and David Singleton in 1992, its website is the home of all RF music, tour dates, diaries, news, as well as King Crimsons, among other related artists, groups, and initiatives.

Robert Fripp & The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists - Guitar Craft - The Guitar Circle

Guitar Craft & The Guitar Circle

RF describes his work as Founder of Guitar Craft, and director of the associated seminars on four continents since 1985, as his ‘proper work in life’.

The GC website is the online home of the living history of GC, news, GC Aphorisms, and RF writings, including new yet unpublished ones.

Toyah Willcox & Robert Fripp

Toyah & Robert

In 2020, Toyah Willcox & Robert Fripp’s Sunday Lunch, an ongoing online series of rock classics, humour, and playfulness, began and has been growing globally since.

In 2023 their first ever dedicated co-headline tour transformed Sunday Lunch into an onstage Rock Party.

All things Toyah & Robert:

Robert Fripp's publications - The Guitar Circle book - Guitar Craft Aphorisms


The Guitar Circle, RF’s debut book, a limited first print edition published on September 1st, 2022.

And, the gist of The Guitar Circle condensed into three decks of Guitar Craft Aphorisms.

In any situation where I need guidance, there is a Guitar Craft Aphorism to indicate the direction.” – RF

More information at

Guitar Craft Aphorisms handwritten by Robert Fripp

Art & Handwritten Works

Aphorisms handwritten and signed by RF, to which a dedication can be added.

Also, ‘The Hand Of A Rock God” personalised and handcrafted by RF. Each item is original, not a replication, therefore one-of-a-kind.

Robert Fripp's merchandise shop


Let your hard-earned money revel at RF’s shop, where aphorisms grace mugs, t-shirts, and tote bags.

Infuse a dash of rock legend flair into your space with the limited edition Sunday Lunch Christmas Baubles!