Robert Fripp (May 16th, 1946 – Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England) is a guitarist, composer, producer, and author, with almost six decades of contributions to the world of guitar, music, music technology, and the music industry.

He is best known through his work with King Crimson, which he co-founded in 1969, with enduring albums including In the Court of the Crimson King, Red, and Discipline. They toured extensively worldwide from 1969 until the end of 2021. He has also worked with a diverse range of artists including Brian Eno, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, David Sylvian, Daryl Hall, Blondie, The Damned, and more recently, Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lunch.

Robert Fripp has also performed and released solo projects, including Exposure, his debut solo album in 1979, and an extensive series of Frippertronics and Soundscapes albums, the most recent of these, Music For Quiet Moments being originally released online during the initial Covid lockdown.

Less well-known is his work as founder of Guitar Craft and the Guitar Circle, directing the associated GC Seminars on four continents since March 1985; which he describes as ‘my proper work in life’.

RF co-founded Discipline Global Mobile in 1992, an ethical, mobile, and independent music company, together with artist, producer, and author, David Singleton.

In 2020, Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lunch, an ongoing online series of rock classics, humour, and playfulness, began and has been growing globally since.

September 2022, RF made his debut as an author following the publication of The Guitar Circle book.

In 2023 Toyah Willcox & Robert Fripp’s first ever dedicated co-headline tour transformed Sunday Lunch into an onstage Rock Party.